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The tenantexchange.com team has over twenty years of commercial real estate experience. Our employer, CBRE Limited, is the world's largest commercial real estate company, with over 200 offices in 29 countries. Our global coverage enables us to provide valuable advice to organizations regarding their real estate needs. In addition to innovative solutions and top quality real estate market information, we provide commercial tenants with many value added services. From detailed searches of available properties, to space planning and construction to office furniture, we are connecting companies to advanced real estate services world wide. We are committed to providing our clients with thoughtful and innovative solutions to their real estate needs and earning the trust and confidence of our clients. The loyalty of repeat business from our existing client base continues to be rewarding both personally and professionally. We work hard to place the interests of our clients first. Our expectation is that this genuine commitment to our client's objectives will continue to be a strategy for success.

We strive to ensure that our clients explore all possible opportunities when considering their real estate requirements. Our experience enables us to formulate creative solutions for our clients which include local businesses and international firms. Through our international organization, CBRE Limited, we are able to provide accurate real estate market information on the local Toronto market or on any city in the world.

Gary L. Williamson
Vice President, Sales Representative, CBRE Limited

Craig A. Williamson
Associate Vice President, Sales Representative, CBRE Limited